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Vallée de Pastrana


La Gomera features a network of more than 600 kilometers of hikingtrails with different levels of difficulty,  very long to short trails ;  trails across all the island, along the coasts and up to the highest peak of La Gomera, Alto de Garajonay, 1,487m  through the shadow of the primary laurel forest.

Relax on the beaches 

90 kilometers of coastline dotted with innumerable coves and beaches hidden among spectacular cliffs. Most of the beaches are dark volcanic sand. Hermigua has a natural pool surrounded by imposing pillars, remains from an ancient pier. A few kilometers east of Hermigua, in a wind-protected bay and overviewing Tenerife, lies the little picturesque playa de la Caleta.

plage de La Caleta


Sights & Landmarks  

La Gomera is the second smallest of the Canary Islands (approximately 14 miles across). Rent a car and explore the island on  its breathtaking little roads. Stop and enjoy the wonderfull scenery from typical villages, giant rocks as El roque Agando, views over the ocean. You mght listen  El Silbo, the unique whistling language classified in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.  
Car rental in San Sebastian de la Gomera, directly in the harbour and in Hermigua.  .



Whale and dolphin wathching 

Throughout the year, you have the chance to meet playful dolphins in the coastal waters surrounding the island. 21 species of dolphins have been spotted at La Gomera, six of which are regular guests. Pilot and beaked whales  are quite often found near the coast. Sometimes even sperm, finback, minke and sei whales might be observed. .Don't miss the 4-hour sailing tour from Valle Gran Rey or Playa Santiago. Information, brochures and maps are available in the tourist offices and in El Tangaro.

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